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Fairytales in Russia
416 pages with 449 colour illustrations.
Format: 31.5 x 24.5 cm; English/Russian
This publication is dedicated to fairytale and folklore themes in Russian folk, fine and theatrical-decorative art. Many of the works are reproduced for the first time or rarely seen in albums. Others, such as the works of Victor Vasnetsov and Ivan Bilibin, are familiar to all Russians from childhood. The book contains a catalogue, annotations, biographies of artists and short accounts of popular fairytale subjects, making it of interest to readers of all ages and nationalities
Portraiture in Russia: XX Century
408 pages with 386 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm; English/Russian
This publication addressed the art of portraiture in Russia in the twentieth century. The book included almost four hundred colour illustrations of works from the collection of the Russian Museum, accompanying catalogue information and texts, articles, biographies of artists and sitters and an index of depicted persons. The various styles, techniques and movements in which Russian artists worked throughout the twentieth century are all reflected in the publication, creating a panorama of Russian history in realistic and avant-garde forms of art.
Russian Distaffs
66 pages with 51 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; English/Russian
The distaff is a spindle used for spinning. The Russian Museum owns an extraordinarily rich collection of distaffs from all over Russia, assembled by several generations of curators of folk art and restorers.
Regicide of 11 March 1801
160 pages with 100 colour and 24 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 28 cm; Russian
The publication accompanied the exhibition of the same name and published many works for the first time, including the fifteen-metre Funeral Procession of 2 December 1796 (Transferring the Ashes of Peter III from the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery to the Winter Palace panorama (Herm.), Martin Ferdinand Quadal's Coronation of Paul I and Marie Fyodorovna (Alexander Radischev Mus., Saratov), engraved portraits of Paul I, the only known picture of Skariatin, one of the central figures in the palace coup (Russ. Mus.) and documents from the archives of Moscow and St Petersburg. The vast historical, artistic and memorial information recreated the historical background to the events of 11 March 1801. The album also included articles on each section of the exhibition, a bibliography and a catalogue reproducing many of the works on display.
Russian Sculpture in Wood: XX Century
176 pages wuth 129 colour and 57 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30 cm; Russian
The first major publication on the unique collection of twentieth-century wooden sculpture in the Russian Museum, this book reflected the diverse history of carved plastic art in Russia over the past hundred years. Besides reproducing many famous works by Anna Golubkina, Sergei Konenkov, Alexander Matveyev, Vera Mukhina and Stepan Erza, the album also addressed such modern artists as Tatyana Sokolova, Andrei Krasulin, Alexander Ignatiev, Leonid Eidlin, Maria Kharlamova, Dmitry Kaminker and Victor Danilov. Separate sections were dedicated to the masters of Moscow and St Petersburg, describing the main features of their oeuvres and outlining the differences between the two leading schools of modern Russian wooden sculpture.
Abstraction in Russia: XX Century. In Two Volumes
Vol. 1 - 381 pages with 507 colour illustrations,
Vol. 2 - 431 pages with 614 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31.5 cm; English/Russian

This is the first publication to bring together all the forms of abstract art in which Russian artists worked in the twentieth century. The book opens with the works of classical avant-garde now in the Russian Museum, home to the world's most representative collection of Russian avant-garde art. The second half of the twentieth century is also represented by works contributed by the Tretyakov Gallery, private collectors and modern Russian abstractionists. The books also include articles by leading experts on abstract art, a catalogue with accompanying commentaries and concise biographies of artists.

The Russian Museum is now planning supplementary publications on emigre abstract artists and works by Russian abstractionists in provincial museums.

The two-volume album was accompanied by a CD of late-twentieth-century avant-garde music from St Petersburg - Pieces of Music for White Dots - specially compiled by the 8th Moon Art association for the Russian Museum. The disc contains anonymous compositions by the leading representatives of the avant-garde music movement in St Petersburg in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, embracing virtually every aspect of this phenomenon, including classical avant-garde, free jazz, art of noise, ambient and industrial futurism.

The Age of Diaghilev. In Celebration of the Tercentenary of St Petersburg in 2003
320 pages with 379 colour illustrations and 2 photographs.
Format: 31.5 x 24.5 cm; English/Russian

The turn of the century is often known as the age of Diaghilev. A world-famous impresario, Sergei Diaghilev also helped to found the World of Art (Mir iskusstva) group synonymous with the history of fin-de-siecle art in Russia. The oeuvres of its members - set and costume designs for the Ballets Russes and illustrations for books and the World of Art magazine - reflect the artistic ideas of the period. Diaghilev's projects brought together such famous artists, composers, choreographers and dancers as Leon Bakst, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel, Nicholas Roerich, Alexander Benois, Igor Stravinsky, Fyodor Chaliapin, Anna Pavlova and George Balanchine.

Besides a richly illustrated album section, the publication also contains a chronicle of events, biographies and archive photographs.

Horses in Russian Art
224 pages with 286 colour and 25 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31 cm; English/Russian
This is the first ever publication of works of art in the collection of the Russian Museum depicting horses, a handsome and noble animal that has served as man's friend and companion for thousands of years. The Russian Museum possesses a rich and diverse collection of works portraying the long relationship between man and the horse. The album reproduces icons, oil paintings, watercolours and lithographs. Such remarkable masters as Alexander Orlovsky, Baron Pyotr Klodt von Jurgensburg, Yevgeny Lanceray, Vasily Surikov, Victor Vasnetsov, Valentin Serov, David Burliuk, Wassily Kandinsky and Pavel Filonov all created equine works. The book also contains a section of archive photographs.
Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Selected Paintings
58 pages with 84 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; Russian
The publication contains an article on Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, an album of works of painting, a catalogue and a chronicle of the artist's life and work.
Mikhail Shvartsman
112 pages with 57 colour and 8 black-and-white illustrations.
Format 24.5 x 30 cm; English/Russian
The book presents the art of Mikhail Shvartsman, an artist from Moscow who founded the school of hieratic painting - a phenomenon without analogues in modern Russian art. The book includes an autobiography, archive photographs and an article on Shvartsman's oeuvre. Every reproduction is accompanied by a philosophical text written by the late artist.
Jorg Immendorff
208 pages with 127 colour and 15 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31 cm; English/German/Russian
Jorg Immendorff is one of the leading artists to emerge in post-war Germany. Immendorff's works always deliver a sharp socio-historical message. The book traces the life and career of an artist who has spent most of his life upholding anti-establishment views.
Heinrich Siepmann
208 pages with 127 colour and 15 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31 cm; English/German/Russian
This catalogue accompanied the Heinrich Siepmann one-man show at the Marble Palace. Besides articles on Siepmann's oeuvre, the book also contains a fully illustrated catalogue of paintings and collages and a chronicle of the German artist's life and career.
Pavel Filonov
60 pages with 67 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; Russian
Accompanying the exhibition at the Moscow Centre of the Arts, this publication included an article on Pavel Filonov's oeuvre, a bibliography and colour reproductions of twenty-seven works.
The Hellenic World in Russian Art
71 pages with 58 colour illustrations.
Format: 20 x 24 cm; Russian
This publication accompanied the exhibition of the same name, arranged in association with the Greek Embassy in conjunction with the visit to Russia of Evangelos Venizelos (Greek minister of culture). The article, catalogue and reproductions of works of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century painting and graphic art demonstrate the immense interest of Russian artists in Ancient Greece and the influence of ancient mythology and imagery on Russian art.
Ikone. Russian Bilder der Ewigkeit
144 pages with 102 colour and 4 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21 x 29.5 cm; German
State Russian Museum: Annual Report 2000
215 pages with 235 colour and 52 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21.5 x 29 cm; English/Russian
The traditional annual report chronicles all aspects of the museum's activities over the past year, including academic research, restoration work, exhibitions, publishing projects, educational activities and administrative work. It describes working days and holidays, acquisitions and donations, the awards and titles won by curators and the work of the Friends of the Russian Museum international society in 2000.
Kandinsky and Abstract Art in Russia 1910-1920s. From the Collection of the State Russian Museum, St Petersburg
70 pages; 49 colour illustrations
Wassily Kandinsky. De ryska aren. Vladimir Izdebskij. Sculptur, Maleri
126 pages with 47 colour and 18 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21.5 x 27 cm; Swedish
279 pages with 167 colour illustrations and 51 photographs.
Format: 24.5 x 28 cm; German
Glory of New York. American Masterpieces from the Ludwig Collection
111 pages with 48 colour illustrations and 5 photographs.
Format: 21 x 27 cm; English/Italian