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The Russian Museum. Survey of the Collection
This informative 208-page publication is devoted to the main collections of the Russian Museum and its collection of eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth century paintings in particular. The survey of the collection is presented along historical lines and is richly illustrated by 160 colour and 12 black-and-white reproductions and photographs, representing those works which hold an important place both in the museum collection and the history of Russian art.
The Russian Museum. A Centennial Celebration of a National Treasure
ISBN 3-930775-36-0
226 pages with 258 colour illustrations.
Russian or English or German. Size 23 x 32,5 cm.
The album was published to coincide with the celebrations in honour of the centenary of the Russian Museum in 1998. This joint publication with American publishers Harry N. Abrams reproduces the finest art treasures now in the collection of the Russian Museum, accompanied by a short history of the museum and an informative tour through the museum halls and one thousand years of Russian art.
The Russian Museum. Annual Report. 1998
144 pages with 146 colour and 35 black-and-white illustrations
Format: 22 x 30.5 cm; Russian and English
The traditional annual report chronicles all aspects of the museum's activities over the past year, including academic research, resto-ration work, educational activities and administrative work. It describes working days and holidays, acquisitions and donations, and the awards and titles won by museum employees.
The Museum of Artistic Culture
ISBN 3-930775-44-1
400 pages with 475 colour and 30 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian. Size 24 x 33 cm.
This richly illustrated album accompanies the exhibition of the same name in the Russian Museum. It is dedicated to the famous collection of avant-garde art inherited by the Russian Museum in the 1920s from the disbanded Museum of Artistic Culture. The publication includes a catalogue with informative annotations and an article by Irina Karasik, leading expert on the creation and history of the Museum of Artistic Culture in Petrograd. Many of the archive documents are published here for the first time.
The World of Art
ISBN 3-930775-53-0
338 pages with 533 colour and 48 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian or English or Finnish. Size 25 x 29,7 cm.
A beautifully illustrated album accompanying the exhibition of the same name held by the Russian Museum in collaboration with the Ateneum, Museum of Finnish Art. The World of Art was a legendary Russian fin-de-siЁcle art society, and this book recreates the picture of Russian art life between 1898 and the early 1920s. The illustrations are accompanied by new works of academic research, an informative catalogue of works by Russian and Finnish masters and a detailed reference guide.
The Golden Treasure Trove of the Russian Museum
ISBN 3-930775-46-8
A richly illustrated album accompanying the exhibition of the same name in the Russian Museum. The beautiful reproductions of works of gold and silver are accompanied by a full catalogue and informative articles by experts on Russian applied art.
Vasily Surikov in the Russian Museum
ISBN 3-930775-58-1
128 pages with 77 colour and15 black-and-white illustrations. Russian. Size 24 x 31 cm.
This publication is devoted to one of Russia's leading nineteenth century painters - Vasily Surikov. The informative articles by some of Russia's top experts offer an intriguing new look at his artistic heritage and its spiritual aspect. The beautiful illustrations are accompanied by a history of Surikov exhibitions at the Russian Museum, a short chronicle of the artist's life and work and a detailed catalogue of his works of painting and graphic art.
Conquering Time... Restoration in the Russian Museum
ISBN 3-930775-50-6
This book takes the reader on a trip through the fascinating world of the museum restorer. A richly illustrated publication, it reproduces the individual stages of restoring a work of art to life and shows how the restoration programme at the Russian Museum is helping to conquer time. 272 pages with 68 colour and 667 black-and-white illustrations. Russian. Size 21 x 29,7 cm.
The Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum
300 pages with 139 colour and 14 black-and-white illustrations. Size 23 x 33 cm.
This album presents the new enlarged exhibition of works by modern Western and Russian artists presented to the Russian Museum by Peter and Irene Ludwig. The catalogue covers 118 works and is the first full publication of the entire collection. Every work in the collection is illustrated in colour and accompanied by detailed annotations in three languages (Russian/English/German), with information on each artist, the style and characteristics of the work and the philosophical concepts that it incarnates.
Devoted to Russian Avantgard
ISBN 3-930775-52-2
128 pages with 54 colour and 16 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian or English. Size 21 x 27 cm.
The album is split into two parts. The first accompanies the exhibition Non-Objectivity in Real Space, devoted to the efforts of three artists of the Russian avant-garde - Vladimir Tatlin, Kazimir Malevich and Mikhail Matiushin - to go one step further than their Western counterparts and take non-objective art out into real space. The three articles by Russian art expert Yevgeny Kovtun are accompanied by excerpts from original archive documents, letters and articles. The second section consists of memoirs of the author, who sadly died in 1996.
100 Years of the Russian Museum in Photographs
ISBN 3-930775-47-6
50 pages with 4 colour and 413 black-and-white illustrations.
Russian. Size 24 x 32 cm.
This album was specially published in honour of the centenary of the Russian Museum in 1998. It accompanies the exhibition of the same name and is richly illustrated with archive photographs tracing the history of the museum from its founding one hundred years ago right up to the present day. The accompanying article chronicles the facts and historical events reproduced in the photographs.
100 Unknown Pictures from the Depositories of the Russian Museum
ISBN 3-930775-48-4
216 pages with 103 colour illustrations.
Russian or English. Size 24 x 31 cm
The publication acquaints lovers of fine art with one hundred previously unpublished paintings by nineteenth century artists in the collection of the Russian Museum. This beautiful album was the present of the Rubin Central Design Bureau of Marine Engineering to the Russian Museum on the occasion of its centenary in 1998.