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The Russian Museum

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The State Russian Museum represents a wide range of video films and video programs which enable one to get acquainted with the world’s largest collection of Russian fine arts.

Our video films and video programs will help both children and adults:

  • penetrate into the museum sphere and a fascinating world of fine arts;
  • learn about the History of the creation and the modern life of the Russian Museum;
  • visit the palaces included in the unique architectural complex of the museum;
  • visit the halls, collections and even restoration studios;
  • open the known and forgotten pages of the history of Russian art;
  • get acquainted with life and oeuvre of outstanding Russian artists;
  • touch on the problems of artistic creativity;
  • form an idea of types, genres, styles and epochs of Russian art;
  • study features of various artistic techniques;
  • comprehend the basis of drawing, painting and composition;
  • acquire practical skills in drawing, painting, graphics and sculpture.

Video films of Russian fine art are issued on VHS video cassettes.

The State Russian Museum is planning to distribute its video production on digital media such as CD’s and DVD’s.