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Kazimir Malevich in the Russian Museum
450 pages with 380 colour and 113 black-and-white illustrations
Format: 31.5 x 24.5 cm; English, Swedish and Finnish
This is the first ever publication of the entire collection of works by Kazimir Malevich at the Russian Museum. The book contains articles on the artist's oeuvre, colour plates of all his works, and reverse sides of his canvases, including many X-radiographs. The appendix section archive documents covering Malevich's correspondence and the memoirs of the artist's contemporaries.
In Malevich's Circle: Confederates, Students and Followers in Russia 1920s-1950s
400 pages with 288 colour and 106 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 30.5 x 24.5 cm; Russian/English
This publication is dedicated to the confederates and followers of Kazimir Malrvich - those who worked alongside the great artist, studied under him at the Vitebsk School of Art and Institute of Artistic Culture in Petrograd, or otherwise considered themselves members of the "Malevich school". The book contains monographic essays on such artists as El Lissizky, Vera Yermolaeva, Nikolai Suetin, Ilya Chashnik, Lazar Khidekel, Lev Yudin and Anna Leporskaya, articles on the history of UNOVIS and the Institute of Artistic Culture and archive documents, letters and memoirs, many of them published here for the first time.
Alexei von Jawlensky: A Biography
192 pages with 88 colour illustrations.
Format: 30.5 x 21.5 cm; Russian/English
This publication is a translation of a book by Tayfun Belgin, senior curator of the Museum am Ostwall in Dortmund, on the life and work of Alexei von Jawlensky. Although famous internationally, Jawlensky is virtually unknown in his former homeland of Russia. Richly illustrated, the book accompanied the exhibition of the artist's works at the Russian Museum.
The Collection of Jacob and Joseph Rzhevsky from St Petersburg
364 pages with 480 colour illustrations.
Format: 26 x 33 cm; Russian/English
This album is dedicated to the priceless gift of Jacob and Joseph Rzhevsky, who donated their outstanding collection of works of West European and Russian art to the Russian Museum. All works of painting, drawing, furniture, porcelain, bronze and rare books donated by the two collectors are reproduced in full in the publication.
Russian Impressionism
384 pages with 332 colour and 20 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 31.5 x 24 cm; Russian/English
Before the publication of this album, there had been no special books dedicated to Impressionism in Russia. The Russian version of Impressionism, however, represents a truly harmonic and prolific chapter in the history of this international movement. The album traces the sources of the phenomenon in Russia and analyses the oeuvres of those artists who at one time or another worked in an Impressionism. The book contains articles on the history of the movement in Russia, a richly illustrated album section, a catalogue of works on show at the exhibition in the Russian Museum, and biographies of artists.
Russian Futurism and David Burliuk, "Father of Russian Futurism"
240 pages with 242 colour and 39 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 33 x 25 cm; Russian/English/German
The album contains articles on the history of Futurism in fine art and one of the leaders of the movement in Russia - David Burliuk. There is also an annotated and illustrated catalogue, a chronicle of events likes to Futurism in Russia and biographies of artists.
Hovhannes Aivazovsky
232 pages with 156 colour and 3 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 31.5 x 24.5 cm; Russian/English
The album contains an article on the oeuvre of Hovhannes Aivazovsky, reproduction of his paintings and graphic art, an informative catalogue, and a chronicle of the master's life and work.
Jesus Christ in Christian Art and Culture 14th to 20th Centuries
524 pages with 633 colour illustrations.
Format: 33 x 25 cm; Russian/English/Italian
The main part of this album is divided into sections illustrating the life of Jesus Christ on earth, in works by artists from the fourteenth to the twentieth centuries. The materials are arranged in accordance with the biblical texts. There is also a section on the image of the Saviour in West European art and biographies of artists.
St Michael's Castle: Concept and Incarnation
167 pages with 84 colour and 144 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21 x 29 cm; Russian/English
The publication is dedicated to the history of the creation of one of he most enigmatic and mystical buildings in St Petersburg - St Michael's Castle/ The book was prepared at the Russian Museum with contributions from the Hermitage, Russian National Library, State Archives of History, Gatchina Museum, Pavlovsk Museum, Academy of Arts Museum and other local institutions. It contains both previously published information and new graphic materials and documents, offering fresh look at the design of the castle and filling in certain "gaps" in its history.
State Russian Museum: Annual Report 1999
182 pages with 59 colour and 121 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21.5 x 29.5; Russian/English
The traditional annual report chronicles all aspects of the museum's activities over the past year, including academic research, restoration work, educational activities and administrative work. It describes working days and holidays, acquisitions and donations, as well as the awards and titles won by museum staff in 1999.
Anna Staritsky (1908-1981)
287 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations. Russian/English
Anna Staritsky was a Ukrainian-born painter who emigrated from Russia in 1925. A typical artist of the twentieth century, she engaged in constant quests for new forms and sources. This richly illustrated album contains articles on Staritsky's oeuvre and photographs chronicling her life and work.
Marc Chagall i Ryssland
98 pages with 34 colour and 32 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21.5 x 27; Swedish
This publication acquainted the Swedish public with the Russian period of the famous artist Marc Chagall. The illustrated catalogue is accompanied by annotations and a shot chronicle og Chagall's Russian period.
Catalogues accompanying foreign exhibitions
Russians 1900-1920. Larionov, Goncharova, Kandinsky and Others. Sources of the Avant-Garde
210 pages with 140 colour. Italian/English
This publication accompanied an exhibition held in Italy. Whilst acquainting the foreign public with the leading masters of the Russian avant-garde, the show also demonstrated the influence of Old Russian and folk art on their oeuvres. The book contains articles by leading Russian and Italian art historians, colour plates, a catalogue and biographies of artists.
Arte e Sacro Mistero. Tesori dal Museo Russo di San Pietroburgo
242 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Electa, Milan,2000
The catalogue accompanied the exhibition dedicated to the art of Russian Orthodox worship. It reproduces eighty-eight unique works of Old Russian painting and applied art from the collection of the Russian Museum, including royal gates, altar crosses, Gospel covers, liturgical vessels, embroideries, sculptures and interior objects.
Kazimir Malevitsch (1878-1935). Das Spatwerk aus dem Staatlichen Russischen Museum St Petersburg
110 pages with 63 colour and 1 black-and-white illustrations.
Ostfildern, Cantz, 2000
The publication contains articles on the later period of Kazimir Malevich's oeuvre, a shot biography, and a catalogue reproducing sixty-one of the artist's works.
Chagall en Rusia
101 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Caja Duero, 2000
This catalogue accompanied the Marc Chagall exhibition in Spain. It reproduces thirty-two of the master's paintings and drawings from the Russian Museum and private collections, alongside annotations, photographs, an article and a shot chronicle of the artist's life and work.
Kazimir Malevich e le sacre icon russe. Avanguardia e tradizioni
261 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Electa, Milan, 2000
The exhibition catalogue traces the influence of Old Russian and folk art on the oeuvre of Kazimir Malevich. Their influence is clearly reflected in the artist's forms and the colourist and decorative resolution of his works. The publication contains a series of articles on Malevich's life and work and a large number of archive photographs. The catalogue reproduces fifty-eight of the master's works, icons and objects of folk art.
Le Symbolisme russe
210 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Bordeaux, 2000
This is the catalogue of an exhibition held in collaboration with the Tretyakov Gallery. Symbolism was one of the most exciting and remarkable movements in the rich and unusually prolific period of the turn of the century, also known as the Silver Age in Russia. The album reproduces the works of such famous Russian Symbolists as Mikhail Vrubel, Victor Borisov-Musatov, Pavel Kuznetsov, Mikhail Nesterov, Nicholas Roerich and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, alongside articles and biographies of artists.
Sin objecto. La Vanguardia rusa en la collection del museo estatal de San Petersburgo. 1910-1930
103 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Caixnova, 2000
This catalogue accompanied an exhibition of Russian non-objective art in Spain. The book reproduces thirty paintings from the collection of the Russian Museum, tracing the evolution of abstract art in Russia between 1910 and the 1930s. The publication also includes articles, biographies of artists and shot informative texts on each work.
Schonberg, Kandinsky, Der blaue Reiter und russische Avantgarde
285 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Journal of the Arnold Schonberg Center, 2000
This is the catalogue of an exhibition held at the Arnold Schonberg Center in Viena. It reproduces the works of Austrian composer Arnold Schonberg, Wassily Kandinsky and many of the members of Der blaue Reiter. Besides catalogue information and articles by the other contributors to the show, the book also contains texts by the curators of the Russian Museum on those works from the museum collection on display in Austria.
Stroganoff: The Palace and Collections of a Russian Noble Family
256 pages with colour and black-and-white illustrations.
Harry Abrams, New York, 2000
This show was curated by the Russian Museum and the Hermitage, in collaboration with Pavlovsk Museum, the Academy of Arts Museum, the State Archives of History in St Petersburg and the Solvychegodsk Museum of History and Art. The catalogue fully reflects the exhibition, which displayed some 250 works of Russian and West European art, offering fascinating insight into the history of the Stroganoffs - a leading family of collectors and patrons who amassed an enormous art collection of truly international importance.
Le Fauvisme ou "L'epreuvre de feu". Eruption de la modernite en Europe
Musee d'At Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, 2000
This is a unique publication about Fauvism in European art. The reproduced works include paintings from the collection of the Russian Museum, accompanied by Dr Yevgenia Petrova's article "Le fauvisme et les sources folkloriques du primitivisme russe".