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Art from Cuba: The Ludwig Collection
242 pages with 120 colour and 9 black-and-white illustrations. Format: 24.5 x 30 cm; English/German/Spanish/Russian
This four-language publication accompanied the exhibition in the Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum - the first exhibition of Cuban art from the 1980s and 1990s ever held in Russia. The book does not confine itself to the works on show, describing the entire collection of Cuban art belonging to the famous German collectors. The publication includes articles on Cuban art and the international network of Ludwig Museum, a complete list of Cuban art in the Ludwig collection, biographies and bibliographies of artists and a list of major exhibitions to which they have contributed.
Natalia Goncharova: The Russian Years
342 pages with 219 colour and 179 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30.5 cm: English/Russian
This publication is the most comprehensive catalogue of the works of Natalia Goncharova's Russian period, including information on works not on show at the exhibition. The album reproduces four-hundred works from various museums, galleries and private collections, brought together for the first time. Each section is accompanied by articles. The appendix includes a list of Natalia Goncharova's works and their whereabouts compiled by Ilya Zdanevich (1913) and an archive section of texts on Gocharova and her contemporaries, unpublished newspaper articles, reviews of her one-woman shows (1913-14), photographs and a chronicle of the artist's life and work.
Dionysius in the Russian Museum (Five Hundredth Anniversary of Dionysius's Murals in the St Ferapont Monastery)
136 pages with 142 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 33.5 cm: English/Russian
This publication marks the five-hundredth anniversary of one of the most outstanding ensembles of Old Russian art - the Cathedral of the Nativity of thhe Blessed Virgiv at the St Ferapont Monastery. The book reproduces Dionysius's icons now in the Russian Museum, original of murals on the cathedral walls and copies of frescoes made by students of the Institute of the History of the Art in the 1920s. The illustrations are accompanied by articles by leading experts on Old Russian art and a fully annotated catalogue.
Russian Folk Toys in the Collection of the Russian Museum
136 pages with 79 colour and 10 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31.5 cm; English/Russian
This publication is devoted to the rich and diverse collection of folk toys in the Russian Museum. The book addresses 138 toys created from various media in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in such famous centres of traditional Russian handicrafts as Sergiev Posad, Dymkovo, Bogorodskoe and such lesserknown areas as Filimonovo, Grinevo and Pestyaki. The album reproduces all works in colour, as well as enlarged details, demonstrating the artists merits and technical mastery of the craftsmen and women.
Bernard Schultze
216 pages with 149 colour illustrations.
Format: 25 x 33 cm; English/German/Russian
Bernard Schultze is one of the leading post-war German artists. The publication addresses Schultze's career and the role of Art Informel in German art after the Second World War, when artists rejected literary and recognizable forms of figurative painting. Besides articles on Bernard Schultze's oeuvre, the book also contains an interview with the artist, an album section, a list of exhibitions and a bibliography.
Judith Rothschild
160 pages with 121 colour and 5 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 31.5 cm; English/Russia
Judith Rothschild is one of the leading representatives of the New York school of abstract art. She became a professional artist in the second half of the 1940s, when the United States were swept by the second wave of abstraction. Rothschild's oeuvre combines elements of Abstract Expressionism with the European modernist tradition. The album contains a detailed biography, colour plates, list of major exhibitions and a selected bibliography.
Serge Essaian: Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art
182 pages with 204 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 31/5 cm; French/Russian
This publication acquaints readers with the oeuvre of Serge Essaian, a Russian-born painter and sculptor now living in France. The book contains articles on the artist's oeuvre, colour plates and a catalogue. The album section includes paintings and sculptures from Essaian's French period (1979-2002) and drawings from his Russian period (from 1957). Other works are reproduced on a smaller scale in the catalogue section.
Russian Art of the 1860s: Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpture
376 pages with 359 colour and 68 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30.5 cm; Russian
Anton Chekhov looked back on the 1860s as a "hallowed time." This book is devoted to works of painting, graphic art, sculpture and applied art from this decade, painting a comprehensive picture of one of the most exciting periods in Russian culture. The publication includes two articles on the art of the 1860s, discussing the creations of such leading masters as Fyodor Vasilyev, Nikolai Ge, Ivan Kramskoi, Konstantin Makovsky, Grigory Myasoyedov, Vasily Perov and Ivan Shishkin and other lesser-known artists - Eugene Gustav Ducker, Carl Gun, Lev Kamenev and Vasily Pukirev. The texts are supplemented by an article on the history of the collection of the art of the 1860s in the Russian Museum, a chronicle of the period, an album section, a catalogue of works and biographies of artists (many accompanied by archive portraits).
Alexander Orlovsky (1777-1832)
96 pages with 66 colour and 8 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; Russian
Accompanying the jubilee exhibition of the artist's works at the Marble Palace, this album reproduces the paintings, drawings and lithographs by Alexander Orlovsky (1777-1832) in the collection of the Russian Museum (owner of the world's largest body of works by the Polish Romantic artist). The book includes an article, album section and catalogue of 132 works.
284 pages with 211 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30.5 cm; English/Russian
The publication addresses the theme of pairs in works of painting, graphic art and sculpture. The book is laid out in chronological order and includes articles, an album section, a catalogue of works and biographies of artists.
Diagnostic Eye. Photographs by David Morowitz
96 pages with 76 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; English/Russian
This publication addresses the oeuvre of the American scientist, surgeon and photographer David Morowitz, whose works reflect the multi-faceted world of the American towns and countryside. The artist reveals the "human dimension" of American iconography - traces of the presence of man and the passage of life. The album contains articles on David Morowitz's oeuvre by leading Russian and American experts and an album section of colour illustrations.
Portrait of the Artist's Wife
60 pages with 29 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; Russian
The theme of this publication is portraits of artists' wives, painted in different periods and styles. The unique relationship between the artist and the sitter offers a fascinating new insight into the idiosyncrasies of each period, the changing of ideals and the nature of the creative process. The catalogue is accompanied by an essay and annotated guides to each portrait.
Natalia Sitnikova
48 pages with 23 colour illustrations.
Format: 24 x 22 cm; English/Russian
This publication accompanied the exhibition of the works of Natalia Sitnikova - a young abstract artist from Moscow - at the Ludwig Museum in the Russian Museum. The book contains an introductory article and album section.
State Russian Museum: Annual Report 2001
272 pages with 560 colour and 40 black-and-white illustrations
Format: 21.5 x 29 cm; English/Russian
The traditional annual report chronicles all aspects of the museum's activities over the past year, including academic research, restoration work, exhibitions, publishing projects, educational activities and administrative work. It describes working days and holidays, acquisitions and donations, the awards and titles won by curators and the work of the Friends of the Russian Museum international society in 2001.
Catalogues accompanying foreign exhibitions
Suuret venalaiset mestarit ja kuva Jeesuksesta
200 pages with 92 colour and 2 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 23 x 30 cm; Finnish/English
500 anos de arte russa
616 pages with 418 colour illustrations.
Format: 25.5 x 32.5 cm; Portugese/English
Russland - Repin und die Realisten
168 pages with 76 colour and 32 black-and-white illustrations.
Format: 21 x 25.5 cm; German
Sehnsucht und Aufbruch: Der russische Symbolismus
204 pages with 263 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 30.5 cm; German
Impressionismus: Amerika - Frankreich - Russland
298 pages with 164 colour illustrations.
Format: 24.5 x 28 cm; German
Impressionismo ruso
152 pages with 74 colour illustrations.
Format: 25.5 x 29 cm; Spanish