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Picasso and his Followers, 1997
ISBN 3 930775- 35- 2; 28,00DM
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name in Otaru, Japan. The 64-page publication contains texts written in two languages (English and Japanese). This includes an article on Pablo Picasso and twentieth century Russian artists, over 100 colour reproductions of exhibited works, numerous photographs of Picasso, and biographies of those Russian artists with works on exhibition in Japan.
Chagall and his Artistic Environment in Russia, 1997
ISBN 3 930775- 33- 6
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name in Turku, Finland. This was the first time that so many of Marc Chagall's early works now in Russian museums and private collections were permitted to be gathered on such an unprecedented scale. The 144- page album contains an article on the work of Chagall and other Jewish artists working in Russia in the first decades of the twentieth century, a detailed biography, a catalogue of exhibited works, a biography of his fellow Russian artists and 90 colour and 38 black-and-white illustrations
Russian Monasteries. Art and Traditions
ISBN 3-930775-39-5
A beautiful album acquainting readers with works in the collection of the Russian Museum that once belonged to the country's convents and monasteries. It contains information on the leading Russian cloisters, articles by the country's top experts on Old Russian art and a detailed and informative catalogue of icons, works of decorative art, canvases, engravings and drawings connected in one way or another with Russia's monasteries. 240 pages with 233 colour reproductions. Russian or English. Size 23,5 x 28,5 cm.
Red in Russian Art, 1997
ISBN 3 930775 -27-1; 58,00DM
Catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name in the Russian Museum. This exhibition employed a wide range of materials from Old Russian and folk art to modern Russian art.