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Three Centuries of Russian Art
Exhibitions in the Russian Museum series
Language: Russian

The disk was released for the first Three Centuries of Russian Art travelling exhibition within the framework of the Russia programme of collaboration between the Russian Museum and national museums of art.

The disk includes the following sections:

  • Electronic album v more than 100 paintings of the 18th v 20th centuries;
  • Story of the palaces of the Museum complex and the creation of the Museum itself;
  • From Icon to Avant-Garde virtual tour;
  • Anthology of the large-scale exhibitions and projects in the Russian Museum.

Developed by the Multi-media and computer research coordination department.

Boris Kustodiev
Russian Artists Series
Language: Russian

The disk Boris Kustodiev. Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpture from Museums, Libraries and Private Collections of the Russian Federation. For the 125th Anniversary of the Artist was released for the artist-s jubilee exhibition.

The disk includes the chronicle of life and work of the master, and the catalogue of 400 works.

The catalogue of the works from the Russian Museum collection has the following sections:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Theater
  • Sculpture
  • Book graphic art
  • Engraving

Developed by the Multi-media and computer research coordination department.

Artist and World
Museum Pedagogics series
Language: Russian

The Russian Centre for Museum Pedagogics of the State Russian Museum. has developed the programme for schoolchildren. The CD is a clip-art for the Artist and World chrestomathy.

The CD contains reproductions of works and photo materials on the artists- biographies, published in the chrestomathy.

Masterpieces of the Russian Museum. Computer Puzzles
Language: Russian, English, English

The programme is an electronic version of a popular table game v puzzles. Offered to assemble are such masterpieces as The Last Day of Pompeii by Karl Brullov, Zaporozhian Cossacks Writing a Letter to a Turkish Sultan by Ilya Repin and Merchant-s Wife Drinking Tea by Boris Kustodiev from the collection of the Russian Museum.