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History of the Palaces of the Russian Museum
Museum Complex series
Language: Russian

The jubilee CD on the history of creation of the four palaces of the State Russian Museum complex is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the State Russian Museum.
The CD consists of four sections: The Palace Turned into the Museum, Owners and Masters of the Marble Palace, History of the St Michael-s (Engineers) Castle, The Stroganov Palace. 250 Years of History.

Each section includes texts and images on the owners of the palaces, architects, sculptors and artists, who worked at the creation of these palaces, descriptions, images and plans of interiors and collections, which were kept in the palaces. Each section has the slide show ?tour of the palace¦ and offers the on-line rate for self-familiarization with the material.

Developed by the Multi-media and computer research coordination department.

The State Russian Museum. Painting
Museum Pedagogics series
Language: Russian
This is a complex and complete electronic educational encyclopedia. Mixed information (video, graphics, sound, text) is integrated into a single whole for a user to get acquainted with the main stages of development of Russian fine art, shown at the exposition of the Russian Museum. High quality of reproductions of 137 paintings and their numerous fragments on a screen will substantially help a teacher and a schoolchild to be prepared to visit any museum of art. Information on subjects of the works and biographies of the artists, who created these paintings, vocabulary of used terms and concepts emphasize the educational character of this CD, interesting to a wide circle of users.
Colour in Painting
Exhibitions in the Russian Museum series
Language: Russian

The programme is aimed at understanding of the role of colour in fine art and the mechanisms of its effect on the viewer.

The disk includes the following sections:

  • Introduction into the colour science
  • Chemistry of colour
  • Composition of colour
  • Colour coding
  • Tempera
  • Oil paint
  • Tiziano-s invention
  • Colour circles by Goethe and Runge
  • Colour and light
  • Discovery of the impressionists
  • «pirituality» of colour
  • Colour v subject of the image
Developed by the Multi-media and computer research coordination department.