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The Birth of a Painting

In the Artist's Studio

The artist's studio is the environment in which a painting is born. Here, watching an artist at work, we can see how a painting is created, what tools and materials the painter employs. Spending time with an artist helps us to get closer to the secret of art, creativity and mastery.

Study, Sketch, Composition

How does a painting appear? There are as many different ways as there are artists. Yet they do have things in common. First a vivid impression or strong emotion inspires the artist to create. But the artist does not begin painting a picture immediately. He first sets down the concept as it arose in rough drafts, preliminary sketches and a host of studies.

From Real Life to Artistic Image

The creation of a painting is a long and complex process demanding great skill, knowledge and experience from the artist. This film introduces the young viewers to the important aspect of a painter's work that is the observation and reproduction of the real world. We find out how an artistic image is formed in the process of creating a work of painting.

From Conception to Realization

In contrast to the study or sketch from life, the painting is always arranged, a composition. Artists take various courses towards the realization of their creative conception. In this film we examine how an artist, nurturing the main idea of his future work, tries to give it visual expression in the most precise way possible. We trace the evolution of a painting from conception to realization.

How to View a Painting

ГLooking at a painting we often find ourselves asking what the artist wanted to say. Silent and immobile, paintings speak to us in a special, unique language of their own - the language of painting, the language of artistic images. This film helps young viewers to hear and understand it.