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Series of educational video-films.

This series of educational films represents an integrated and methodological approach to the various forms and genres of Russian fine art. Created by leading experts from the Russian Centre for Museum Pedagogics and Children's creativity, the films are intended for use by teachers of general and specialised educational institutes as back-up material at lessons on fine art, the history of art and international artistic culture.


  • aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 14
  • devised taking into account the psychology of children at those ages
  • represents a revival of the greatly missed system of aesthetic and artistic education
  • takes the form of an integrated methodical educational programme
  • can form the basis of a fully-fledged teaching course
  • allows the integration of modern technology into the teaching process


  • an account of the museum as an art collection
  • the history of the fine arts in Russia
  • a description of genres, forms and styles of art
  • a review and analysis of the legacy of great Russian artists
  • a demonstration of artists at work in the studio
  • the practical skills involved in drawing, painting, graphic art and sculpture


Introduction to the Museum
You've come to the museum. (Film 1)
You've come to the museum. (Film 2)

The Birth of a Painting
In the Artist's Studio
From Real Life to Artistic Image
Study, Sketch, Composition
From Conception to Realization
How to View a Painting

Forms and Genres of Russian Art
The Watercolour
The Landscape
The Still Life
The Portrait
The Artist and Time. (Film 1)
The Artist and Time. (Film 2)
The Drawing. (Film 1)
The Drawing. (Film 2
The Print. (Film 1)
The Print. (Film 2)
Sculpture. (Film 1)
Sculpture. (Film 2)
Folk Art

Russian Museum/Quadrat Film Studios, St Petersburg, 2002; 42 minutes; Russian