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A Treasure House of Russian Art. Stories of the Russian Museum

| 2007 |

The author's programme of the Director of the State Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev

  • The Treasury of Russian Art cycle of video programmes will tell about:
  • the history of the Russian Museum's creation and people involved in the museum's creation;
  • a unique profession of the museum staff;
  • various exhibitions at the museum;
  • the history of the palaces which are included in the complex of the Russian Museum and life of their former dwellers;
  • collectors, whose gifts constantly enlarge the museum collection;
  • great Russian artists and their works;
  • styles and epochs of Russian fine art.

SRM / Culture TV channel; running time of each programme: 26 minutes.

Concept: What brings a person into a museum?

I think that above all it is the fact that a museum provides a unique opportunity to overcome the invisible barrier of time, to make a pilgrimage into the past, to feel a personal involvement in history.

My stories about the museum are no more than small fragments that may provide you with the necessary landmarks on that fascinating journey.

Vladimir Gusev

Director of the State Russian Museum