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Sculpture of XVIIIth - Early XXth Centuries

Fedos Schedrin. Diana. 1798. Marble
Anna Golubkina. Mist. 1899. Decorative vase
Mikhail Kozlovsky. Psyche. 1801. Marble
Naum Aronson. Grief. 1902. Marble
Nathan Altman. 1889-1970. Portrait of a Young Jew (Self-Portrait). 1916. Plaster, copper and wood
Mark Antokolsky. Ivan the Terrible. 1871. Bronze
Fyodor Kamensky. Young Sculptor. 1866. Marble
Ivan Vitali. Venus. 1852. Marble
Boris Orlovsky. Faun and Bacchante. 1837. Marble
Fedot Shubin. Catherine II the Legislatress. 1789. Marble
Fedot Shubin. Paul I. 1800. Marble
Carlo Bartolomeo Rastrelli. Anna Ioannovna with a Little Negro Boy. 1741. Bronze
Pavel Trubetskoi. Model of the Monument to Alexander III. 1909. Bronze
Alexander Opekushin. Project of the Monument to Nikolai Muraviev-Amursky for Khabarovsk. 1888. Bronze
Ivan Martos. Model of the Monument to Alexander I in Taganrog. 1828-30. Plaster
Yevgeny Lanceray. Cart with Four Peasants. 1871. Bronze
Alexander Matveyev. Youth. 1911. Marble
Alexander Matveyev. Portrait of the Stonemason Ivan Semenov. 1912. Wood
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The Russian Museum's collection of sculpture began with the transfer of several works from the Hermitage and the Academy of Arts in 1897 and 1898. A century later, its fund of eighteenth to twentieth century sculpture now comprises more than 4,000 works. The collection of sculpture contains the creations of masters working in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These range from their first studies, which record the initial germination of the artistic idea, to the finished product, executed in the most diverse materials: plaster, terracotta, marble, bronze, wood and metal.