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Folk Art

Lace valance. 18th century.
Wooden toy. The end of the 19th century, Bogorodskoe, Vladimir Province
Greeting of militiaman." The beginning of the 20th century, Bogorodskoe, Vladimir Province
Cigarette case. Mid-20th century, the Factory of Lukutiny. Danilkovo, Moscow Province
E. M. Zonina. "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish." 1980s, Mstera, Vladimir region
B. F. Grafov. “The twin dandelions”. 1990, Zhostovo, Moscow region
Ware for kvass. The end of 19th – the beginning of the 20th century, Skopin, Ryazan Province
G. F. Osipov. Cup "feat of love" (in memory of the Decembrists\' wives). 1990-1991, Lomonosovo, Arkhangelsk region
The floor of the distaff. The first half of the19th century, District of Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod Province
Printed tablecloth. Second half of the 19th century, Russian North
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The heart of the collection of folk art, formed in March 1937, is comprised of the collections of the local Museum of Handicraft and the School of Folk Art, as well as works from the museums of the Baron Stieglitz School of Technical Drawing and the Society for the Protection of the Arts. The new department increased its collection in its early years by acquisitions from exhibitions and artists' studios. Academic expeditions to various parts of the country played an important role in forming the collection.The collection now covers all forms of folk art, including both domestic peasant works and art handicraft.