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The Russian Museum

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Russian Icons

St. Gabriel ("Angel with golden hair") XIIth century.
St. Peter. late XVth century. Novgorod
The Tale. Late XVIth century. Moscow school
Madonna The Belozerskaya. Early XIIIth century.
Entombment. Epitaphious. 1565.
Madonna odygidria. Near 1502-1503th.
St. Boris and St. Gleb XIVth century. Moscow school
St. George. Late XVth century. Novgorod's school
Descent into Hell. Pskov School
St. Paul. XIVth century. Novgorod's school
St. Cyril of the White Lake. Pall. Moscow. 1555. 186x86
St. Cyril of the White Lake. Pall. Moscow. 1514. 198x84 cm.
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The Russian Museum holds one of Russia's leading collections of icons and Old Russian applied art. A start was made to this collection back in 1898, when the museum was founded. Acquisitions made in the 1900’s and early 1910’s were of enormous significance for the collection.The collection was added to in the years following the revolution by acquisitions made through the Museum Fund, as well as directly from churches and monasteries. Later, particularly in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, regular expeditions of museum research assistants and restorers were organized to gather works of Old Russian art. These became an important source of new acquisitions. The collection currently includes some 6,000 icons and roughly the same number of works of Old Russian applied art, ranging from the tenth to the eighteenth centuries.