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  • P. Trubetzkoy. Reduced Model of the Equestrian Statue for the Monument to Emperor Alexander III. 1909. Bronze. 56х23х60
  • P. Trubetzkoy. Project of the Monument to Alexander III for St. Petersburg. 1909. Pencil on paper 22.3 x 35
  • S. Orlov. Project of the Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky. 1947-1950. Tinted plaster. 80x50x73
  • S. Orlov. Project of the Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky for Moscow. 1947-1950. Bronze-tinted plaster. 87х48х49
  • I. Teneta. Calf-Woman Katya Privezenova. 1960. Terra cotta. 67х73х95
  • I. Teneta. In the Calf- Shed (Tenderness). 1960. Majolica. 11.5х27х13
  • T. Sokolova. Peasant Motive. 1975. Sketch. Ceramics and enamel. 33х43х18
  • T. Sokolova. Peasant Motive. 1985. Ceramics. 75х40х28; 95х32х38; 77х34х30; 49х120х6
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21 June - 20 August 2012
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition present the way of transformation of author’s conception into the visible sculpture image on example of works by such Russian artists of the 20th century as Paul (Paolo) Troubetzkoy, Anna Golubkina, Ivan Shadr, Alexander Matveev, Vera Mukhina, Sergey Orlov, Matvey Manizer, Mikhail Anikushin, Vera Isaeva, Konstantin Simun and the others. The exposition includes studies, natural sketches and models different from stylistic and thematic point of view. In the sphere of sculpture these works have the role of objects that precedes the appearing of the monument, relief, easel or monumental and decorative spatial composition. The exhibition gives viewers an opportunity to reveal the real significance of minor or “working” forms of sculpture as the main stages on the way of creation of completed work and to comprehend their self-consistent artistic value, and also presents the exceptionality of the artists’ methods of work.