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The Russian Museum

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  • Levitan I. The Snowy Garden. 1880s. Gouache, graphite pencil, scratching on cardboard. 29.2x35.1
  • Old Testament Trinity. Pectoral Icon. Frame and oglavie: the last third of the 17th  (?) century. Tempera painting: the last third of the 18th century. Silver, glass, molding, gilt, notched enamel, enamel painting, tempera painting. 6.8x5.2
  •  Powder flask. 17th century. Copper, casting, notched enamel. 8.9х7х2.5
  •  Ivanov A. The Appearance of Christ before the People. 1836-1837(?).Sketch. Oil on canvas. 53.5x74.5
  • Shishkin I. Pines. 1880s. Graphite pencil on paper. 63.3х41.
  • Bryullov K. Portrait of P. Viardot-Garcia. 1844. Graphite and Italian pencils.36.2x27
  • Repin I. Portrait of S. Botkin.1898. Ink on paper. 35.5x22.2
  • Troubetzkoy P. Mother and doughter.1900. Toned plaster. 40x31