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From the "Not for personal gain:" series. "Collections and Collectors from the Russian Museum"

  • Levitan I. The Snowy Garden. 1880s. Gouache, graphite pencil, scratching on cardboard. 29.2x35.1
  • Old Testament Trinity. Pectoral Icon. Frame and oglavie: the last third of the 17th  (?) century. Tempera painting: the last third of the 18th century. Silver, glass, molding, gilt, notched enamel, enamel painting, tempera painting. 6.8x5.2
  •  Powder flask. 17th century. Copper, casting, notched enamel. 8.9х7х2.5
  •  Ivanov A. The Appearance of Christ before the People. 1836-1837(?).Sketch. Oil on canvas. 53.5x74.5
  • Shishkin I. Pines. 1880s. Graphite pencil on paper. 63.3х41.
  • Bryullov K. Portrait of P. Viardot-Garcia. 1844. Graphite and Italian pencils.36.2x27
  • Repin I. Portrait of S. Botkin.1898. Ink on paper. 35.5x22.2
  • Troubetzkoy P. Mother and doughter.1900. Toned plaster. 40x31
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01 December 2011 - 26 March 2012
Benois Wing

The exhibition consists of two independent parts that sufficiently fully present the gatherings of Mikhail Botkin (1839-1914) and Sergey Botkin (1859-1910) who were the greatest collectors of art works in Russia in the second half of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century.

The collection of Mikhail Botkin, who was the representative of the old merchant family, on the border of the 19th and 20th centuries was regarded as the best one in Europe. The greatest part of his gathering that was received by the Russian Museum in 1917 is exhibited for the first time. The exposition shows the most significant examples of this collection - over 350 monuments of the Old Russian art (exhibits from the hidden treasures of the pre-Mongolian period, unique encolpion crosses, holy pictures, articles of the church and secular mode of life and the others), and the monuments of the foreign culture that were found on the territory of Russia (the examples of the prehistory time art, the adornments of the epoch of the Great transmigration of peoples and Byzantine time, jewelry works from  Volga Bulgaria, Turkey, Bulgaria, North and Western Europe). This section includes also the paintings by Mikhail Botkin and the archive materials connected with his biography and gathering activity.

The drawings by the Russian artists were the object of gathering of the famous doctor-therapeutist Sergey Botkin. The exposition includes about 150 best examples of his collection - the works by the artists of the first half of the 19th century devoted to St. Petersburg and its suburbs, the unique sketches of the artist's models by K.Brullov, A.Egorov, O.Kiprensky and the water color portraits that are the most valuable part of Sergey Botkin's collection. P.Fedotov, I.Shishkin, F.Vasiliev, I.Repin, V.Surikov together with the greatest artists of the beginning of the 20th century (V.Serov, M.Vrubel, A.Benois, K.Somov, L.Bakst and the others) are presented by the most significant examples of their graphic art heritage. The exposition is supplemented with the engravings with the views of St. Petersburg together with paintings and sculptures from the famous Museum-House of Sergey Botkin.


The exhibition is organized with the financial support of OJSC Mobile TeleSystems, Sistema Finance Investments