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I.Nikitin. Portrait of a Field Hetman. 1720s
A.Antropov. Portrait of Rumyantseva. 1764
I.Vishnyakov. Portrait of Sarah Eleonora Fairmore. 1749(50?)
Louis Caravaque. Portrait of the Tsarevna Anne Petrovna and the Tsarevna Elisabeth Petrovna. 1717
Unknown Artist. The Building of the Twelve Ministries in Saint-Pеtersburg. Third quarter of the XVIII century.
F.Rokotov. Portrait of Countess Yelizaveta Santi. 1785.
D.Levitsky. Portrait of A.F.Kokorinov. 1769
D.Levitsky. Portrait of Yekaterina Khruschova and Yekaterina Khovanskaya. 1773 (not later)
I.Aivazovsky. The Ninth Wave. 1850.
G.Ugryumov. Testing the Strength of Jan Usmar.
F.Bruni. The Death of Camellia, Sister of Horace. 1824
V. Borovikovsky. Portrait of the Vice Chancellor Prince Alexander Kurakin. 1799.
V.Borovikovsky. Portrait of Yekaterina Arsenieva. Second half of the 1790s.
В.Боровиковский. Екатерина II на прогулке в Царскосельском парке. Холст, масло, 99x68
D.Levitsky. Portrait of Catherine II - the Legislatress in the Temple of the Goddess of Justice. 1783
K.Brullov. Self-Portrait
K.Brullov. The Last Day of Pompeii. 1833.
K.Brullov. Portrait of Countess Yulia Samoilova Returning From a Ball with Her Adopted DaughterAmazilia Paccini. Not later than 1842