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  • ORCHESTRA. 200×200, oil on canvas. 1990
  • WALL. 180×200, oil on canvas. 1987
  • DORMITORY AREA. 200×200, oil on canvas. 1991
  • PARTICIPLE. 130×80, acrylic on canvas, mixed media. 2010
16 April - 25 May 2015
Marble Palace

The exhibition comprises over 35 pieces of art, executed by Alexander Kondurov, prominent St. Petersburg artist, in the period of 1990-2010-s. His artistic vision is focused on the reflection on ancient cosmology, ethics of the Christianity and basic principles of the human being, which altogether constitute the artist's personal picture of life. The exhibition includes graphic and painterly works, which are performed with the use of both old masters' technique and plastic experiments of the modernism, collage methods and play of colour and texture which help the artist create phantasmagoric and polysemantic images.

The exhibition is organized with the support of Free Artists of St.Petersburg Project.