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  • Play Actors. 1970. Oil on canvas. 160 х 143
  • Self-portrait. 1975. Oil on canvas.100 х 75
  • Still life with a Fish. 1967. Oil on canvas. 53 х 79
  • Outskirts of Cherkassy. 1972 Oil on canvas. . 61 х 74
18 December 2014 - 16 February 2015
Marble Palace

The exhibition of Eduard Gudzenko (1938-2006) shows around 70 paintings and graphic works completed in different periods of time. The name of the artist who most of his life had worked in the city of Cherkassy, the Ukraine, is unlikely known to the people of Saint-Petersburg. The exhibition thoroughly presents the artist's oeuvre. The key subject of his works is the interaction between city and countryside ways of life. The power of color, the brightness of rich and pure palette, expressive painterly method that take roots in the artistic discoveries of Post-Impressionists as well as ornamentality, which reveals its deep connection with the national Ukrainian art tradition are typical for the Gudzenko's works. The exhibition consists of several thematic units that show the main circle of subjects: portraits, industrial landscapes, the world of theater and folklore, countryside views, trees and flowers, fields and river landscapes and still lives.