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17 April - 13 May 2013
Marble Palace

The exhibition project by German artist and designer Karsten Vinkels that is devoted to the secrecy of the so-called Russian soul brings together the paintings from the Russian Museum collection together with the works by contemporary sculptors from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and documental materials. Karsten Vinkels creates the uncommon atmosphere that is consonant to the nature of the Russians' soul. Here the sound and light effects are used. That is why here are on show also the video-stories that are the documental certificates of people whose uneasy fates had been interlaced forever with Russia and Germany.

The first hall of exhibition imitates the corridor of soviet communal flat where in common space the idyllic landscapes, social subjects of contemporary painting and objects of everyday life in communal flats are mixed. In other halls the theme of border between masculine and female reveals itself through the neighborhood of works of art and documental materials. The last section of exhibition may be regarded as the original installation that is devoted to the Winter Forest theme and looks as romantic place where children, old men, animal and different fanciful objects are living together. The most significant in exposition is not presented in evident form but hidden in special secrecies that demand from viewer the active reclamation of exhibition space.   

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