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19 December 2013 - 20 January 2014
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition is devoted to the embodiment of image of Altai in the works of Russian art of the 20th edgeless steppes and full-flowing lakes, golden cornfields and blue necklaces of the mountains of Altai had been the source of inspiration for the artists for a long time. In each of the presented works the image of this land is comprehended as the image of the world that is marked by the harmony between the Human being and the World. The special place in exposition is devoted to the landscapes by the native of Altai Grigory Gurkin (1890–1937) who was the student of Ivan Shishkin in St. Petersburg Emperors Academy of Arts, and first professional artist who praised this land. In the works on show the traditional type of landscape painting gives an opportunity to reflect the unique world view of the people of Altai that is commemorated in his myths, tales and legends. Also there are presented the works by the other Altai artists (Y. Korovai, A. Borisov, A.Nikulin, V. Karev, N. Shulpinov) and the images of Altay that found their embodiment in the creative oeuvre of the other artists (painters M. Kursin, A. Drevin, N. Udaltsova, A.Eberling, water-colour artist P. Basmanov, sculptor D.Tzaplin). The exposition includes about 33 paintings, graphic works and sculptures from the State Art Museum of Altai Region collection. century. The magnificent forests and powerful rivers,