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  • Unknown Artist. Russian Shrovetide. 1899. Chrome lithograph on paper. Russian Museum
  • Pyotr Konchalosky. Tray and Vegetables. 1910. Oil on canvas. Russian Museum
  • Unknown Artist (Conrad?). Menu for Dinner on 19 March 1888. Chrome lithograph on paper. Russian Museum
  • Konstantin Makovsky. Rite of Kissing. 1895. Oil on canvas. Russian Museum
  • Nikolai Kopeikin. The Last Supper. 1998. Mixed media on canvas. Private Collection, St.Petersburg
  • Pyotr Kozlov. Pepper. 1999. Oil on canvas. Private collection, Moscow
  • David Shterenberg. Breafast. 1916. Oil on canvas. Russian Museum
27 November 2013 - 17 March 2014
Benois Wing

The theme of food was very popular among the Russian artists of the 18th 21 centuries, but earlier it had not been the subject of special exhibition. The collection of the State Russian Museum allow to present these theme in the framework of one exposition that brings together about 300 art works from the Russian Museum collection, private collections and from the artists' studios.

Among the exhibits are the great tsars' sets of the 18th art works by contemporary artists, paintings and graphic works by such well- known artists as K.Makovsky, A.Ryabushkin, I.Mashkov, P.Konchalovsky, A.Plastov, V.Ivanov. These works presents the different meals - modest or magnificent, the recipes of the Russian cuisine dishes and numerous menu of emperors' and aristocrats' dinners, designed by great Russian artists as the art works that reflected the stylistic features of different epochs.

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