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04 February - 04 March 2010
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition of two plastic art masters from Leningrad - Saint-Petersburg Ija Venkova and Nikolai Kochukov contains mainly the artworks, that were gifted to the museum by Nikolai Kochukov and his daughter Ekaterina Kochukova. There are shown the sculptures of different periods, beginning from the 1950s. Number of them has a very important social significance, but the others present lyrical and philosophical images.
The creativity of Ija Venkova is the whole world seen by woman. All her artworks are filled with the woman love and tenderness: the early small figures made of porcelain, portraits of the contemporaries, figures, compositions, park sculpture. The talent of Nikolai Kochukov showed itself in his favorite genre - sculpture portrait. His portraits distinguish oneself with deep interest to the human's being, that was seen by the master as a big world. He was inspired by the heroic deeds, sport and labour achievements of the soviet people. At the exhibition there are shown the white marble portraits made in the last years ("Portrait of a Student", 2001, "Portrait of a Student-Girl", 2002), that were the painter's return to the classical style.