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  • Oleg Kotelnikov. Brushstoke. 1982. Tempera on fiberboard. 90x102
  • Oleg Kotelnikov. Horseman (Peter I on Horseback). 1982. Tempera on fiberboard. 76x58
  • Vadim Ovchinnikov. The Window. 1988. Oil on canvas.  200x250
  • Oleg Kotelnikov. The School Years. Middle of the 1980’s. Tempera on fiberboard. 68 x 39
  • Evgeny Yufit. To Dance with the Seamen. 1989. Oil on canvas. 150x200
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25 February - 31 May 2010
Marble Palace

The exhibition is devoted to the activities of the "New Artists" and "Necrorealism"art-communities that were the most important phenomena in the Russian art of the end of the XX century. More than 200 artworks from the collection of the Russian Museum and private collections from Saint-Petersburg and Moscow present in full the revolutionary art of the critical 1980s. At the exposition there are presented the artworks by Timur Novikov, Oleg Kotelnikov, Ivan Sotnikov, Vadim Ovchinnikov, Georgiy Guryanov, Andrei Kirsanov, Oleg Maslov, Andrei Khlobystin, Evgeniy Yufit, Victor Tsoi, Evgeniy Kozlov and the others.