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  • Lone Whisper. 2009. Oil on canvas 60 х 60.
  • Dancing under Moon. 2008. Oil on canvas. 55 х 50.
  • The Old Recollections. 2009. Oil on canvas. 50 х 50.
  • Geometry Lesson. 2009. Oil on canvas. 50 х 50.
  • Grains of Soul. 2008-2009. Oil on canvas. 40 х 40.
  • Drops of Memory. 2005. Oil on canvas. 60 х 50.
  • Meeting. 2002. Oil on canvas. 60 х 50.
  • Pulp. 1999. Oil on canvas. 100 х 120.
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17 June - 16 August 2010
Marble Palace

This is the first exhibition of the greatest modern Italian painter-gyperrealist Lucano Ventrone. On the background of such forms of art as performance or video-art the Ventrone’s still-lifes, painted with oil on canvas technique, may seem too much traditional and even archaic. But today the traditions of the old masters are becoming actual enough and the so-called gyperrealism is competing successfully with the other forms and ways of the art of the beginning of the XXI century. In his art Lucano Ventrone continues the traditions, founded by the Italian artists Caravaggio, Evaristo Baskenis and Giovanni Garzoni, who worked at the end of the XVI – the first half of the XVII century. That helps Ventrone to combine organically the artistic discoveries of the past and the conception of the modern gyperrealist painting. His still lifes, landscapes and the depictions of the nude figures are marked by the incredible thoroughness of mastery. These works are the evidence of the artist’s aspiration towards the unity with nature, opening the way of the contemplative immersion of the viewer into the visible world, commemorated on canvas.