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12 March - 14 April 2007
Marble Palace

The name of the exhibition amply conveys its purpose, which deals, least of all, with the history and theory of architecture. The organisers are not interested in the architecture as such but in the things that are literally marginalia: something presented in the margins of a 'big book of architecture', handwritten over the typescript and placed beyond the bounds of professional architectural space. The main bulk of the exhibition reflects certain so far unrealised (possibly unrealisable) architectural potential, abilities, and futurity. Thinking of architecture modern artists reduce the Utopian impulse with reflections: most of the works are permeated with irony, spirit of deconstruction, mockery. The organizers of the exhibition offer diverse interpretations of the theme of a tower, an archetype primarily meant for a mystical intercourse with the divine heavenly forces. The original interpretations of the environment (ideal, urban, rural, casual) is yet another theme of the exhibition. The artists have the ability to convert everything into architecture - scaffoldings, forests, multicoloured umbrellas, doors, stalls as well as to break conventional architectural stereotypes or ways of their historical representations. The exhibition comprises the works by contemporary artists (I. Makarevich, Y. Avvakumov, L. Tishkov, L. Borisov, P. Bely, K. Chelushkin and M. Karasik) backed up by the samples created by their predecessors - I. Fomon, A. Nikolsky, L. Yudin, G. Pokrovsky and V. Tambi. A. Borovsky "Architecture: ad marginem" List of artists participating in the exhibition...