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From the "Jubilees" series

10 November - 12 December 2005

The Russian Museum presents one-man show of a Moscow artist Andrei Krasulin who has dealt with easel, decorative and monumental sculpture, objects, painting and graphic art for more than thirty years. Andrei Krasulin's artworks are always marked with innovative forms, actively taking part in forming of the aesthetic milieu. In various periods of the oeuvre he experienced influence of archaic and primitive as well as impact of Russian Avant-garde traditions of the 1910s — 20s. The artist's credo is minimalism and language of associative connections. He rejects figurative representation of objects and resorts to nonobjective art. In a new great project Etchings on Ludmila Ulitskaya's Drafts (2000 — 05) Andrei Krasulin experiments with a printing graphic art technique, which is new for him. The etchings were specially printed by the master for the exhibition in the Russian Museum. Andrei Krasulin is a constant contributor to the exhibitions organized by the State Russian Museum: Paper Sculpture (2001), Russian Sculpture in Wood (2001), Abstraction in Russia (2001). The artist's works are exhibited in Russian and European museums. The exhibition introduces the works from the museum collection of sculpture as well as from master's studio.