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The French in St. Petersburg

23 October 2003 - 15 January 2004
The Mikhailovsky Castle

The exhibition showcases French artists' works connected with the history of St Petersburg, as well as things and documents that demonstrate real presence of France in the life of St Petersburg of 18-20th centuries. The exhibition introduces variety of materials from collections of 18 museums, archives, libraries, state, academic, research, and other institutions of St Petersburg and Paris. Painters, sculptors, architects, craftspeople, and workmen left their motherland, came to St Petersburg and brought fashion and tastes of their country with them. At first, they created works of art for the court and aristocracy, but later - for prosperous citizens as well. The exhibition comprises several thematic parts: "Town-planning", "Architecture, technical and engineering structures"; "Fine Art"; "Theatre, music, ballet"; "Science and Medicine"; "Education"; "Army and Navy"; "Relationships in the context of Russian-French alliance"; "French community"; "Sport", etc. The exhibition has been initiated by the French Embassy in Russia and was is dated for the tercentenary of St Petersburg.