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08 June - 24 July 2000
The Marble Palace

The retrospective exhibition of neo-expressionistic paintings by a famous Austrian artist Christian Ludwig, working under the pseudonym Attersee since 1966. The exhibition was organised by the State Russian Museum in association with the museums and private collections of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Christian Ludwig was born into a family of an architect in Czechoslovakia in 1940. In 1944 the family moved to Austria. In 1957-1963 Attersee studied painting and stage graphics at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. The artist was strongly influenced by the abstract compositions of Wassily Kandinsky. Keen feeling for contemporaneity and adventurous disposition made Attersee start experimenting in the sphere of new trends in art of the early 1960s :performance, electronic and rock music ( his famous village concert for 600 cows in 1962).In mid 1960s he shot films and his style was close to pop art. In 1966 Christian Ludwig held his first one-man exhibition in Berlin, after the exhibition he took up the pseudonym Attersee which he uses as his trade mark advertising the style of Attersee, the Attersee musicians and cuisine. Throughout the following decades he contributed to group exhibitions alongside such celebrities as Jasper Johns ,he showed his works in the leading European and American museums and art galleries, exhibited his graphic works in Kassel and at Biennale Internazional dell'Arte in Venice in 1984. The artists arranges concerts, performances, practices teaching at the University of Applied art in Vienna and the summer academy of Saltzburg, creates sets for the Mozart concerts. The exhibition was organized with the Ludwig Museum cooperation.