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Permanent exhibitions

The new Faces of Russia. Portrait Gallery of the Russian Museum permanent exhibition in the St. Michael’s (Engineer’s) Castle presents the evolution of the portrait in the Russian art from the so-called parsuna portraits of the beginning of the 18th century till the works of the Soviet time. The exposition brings together the works of such famous artists as Ilya Repin, Karl Brullov, Vasiliy Surikov, Alexey Venetsianov, Ivan Kramskoy and the others.
The exposition consists from two sections. The first one that is placed in the Ceremonial halls, includes the portraits of tsars and emperors of the dynasty of Romanov. The second one in the former Konstantin’s sleeping rooms is arranged according to the social and historic principle. The portraits of the state figures are superseded by the images of representatives of aristocratic families, priests, writers, artists, composers. Alongside with them there are presented the portraits of a common people: the inhabitants of cities and villages, workers and the peasants, representatives of the Soviet intelligence, leaders and commanders. The special hall is devoted to the persons who are commemorated in the photographs
The exhibition is organized with the financial support of Sistema Finance Investments, OJSC Mobile TeleSystems