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  • Angliyskaya Embankment. 2008. Mixed technique on cardboard. 100х150.
  • Autumn. 2000. Mixed technique on canvas. 138х108.
  • A Dream. 2012. Mixed technique on canvas. 110х90.
  • Transsib Railway. 2013. Mixed technique on wood. 117х160.
12 March - 11 May 2015
Stroganov Palace

The jubilee exhibition of the prominent St. Petersburg artist Valery Lukka comprises over 50 works executed in 1988-2014. The exhibition is focused on the transformation of the image of St. Petersburg in the atmosphere of chaos and farce, distinctive features of our time. In Lukka's vision, every epoch has its own ‘Middle ages', when the world turns upside down and the reality gets aggressive to the man. The signs of this process the artist notices nowadays and depicts them in the highly grotesque image of the city. Many of Lukka's works are performed in mixed technique, as the artist loves to combine ‘unpainterly' materials. He includes fragments of fabric and cardboard, metal tubes and other subjects of the city life into his paintings, thus expressing the feeling of confusion and disharmony and creating the many-sided and sometimes contradictory image of St. Petersburg and its inhabitatnts.

With the support of Free Artists of St.Petersburg Project