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  • Ornamented pendants. Second half of XIth century. From the Kiev treasure of 1887.
  • "Ryasny" chains. Second half of  XIth century. From the Kiev treasure of 1887.
  • Archangel Gabriel. Diadem from the Kiev treasure of 1889. Second half of XIIth century. Detail.
  • "Ryasny" chains. Second half of XI th century. From the Kiev treasure of 1887 .
  • Bird. Bracelet from the Kiev treasure of 1893. Second half of XII th century. Detail.
  • Bracelet from the Tver treasure of 1906. Second half of XIIth century.
  • Bracelet from the Terekhovsky treasure of 1876. Second half of XIIth century.
  • Pot of the Kiev treasure of 1893. Second half of XIth century.
  • Ornamented radial pendant. Second half of  XIIth century. From theTerekhovsky treasure of 1876.
16 December 2015 - February 2016
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition will present unique jewelry of gold and silver dated to the XIth-XIIIth centuries and from most rich treasures that were hidden mostly in 1237-1240, in the period when Mongol-Tatar armies attacked Russian towns. The exposition will bring together over 400 works that present different techniques and styles of the Pre-Mongolian jewelry craft. The Russian museum collection treasures is one of the richest in the world and includes many masterpieces. The most significant of them are the objects made of gold with cloissoné enamel, of silver with niello and engraving, and also adornments decorated with tiniest granulating: precious ceremonial attires of the princes (knyaz) and members of their families, boyars and warriors from Kiev, Chernigov and Old Ryazan. The most prominent are the adornments from Kiev treasures: pendants ornamented with depictions of the Sirin bird and the "ryasny" chains (the best examples of this kind ever found in Russia) and also a golden diadem with the depiction of Deisis that was used as a bridal crown. In the silver jewelry treasures the true masterpieces are the wide folding bracelets with depiction of animals and birds and the scenes of the pagan folk festivities - "rousalii". All these exhibits provide an opportunity to know the artistic tastes of the townsfolk and also the jewelers' skill and show the richness of jewelry adornments of people in the Ancient Rus.

The special section of exhibition will show the tools of jewelers that executed the adornments. The exposition will also include the tribal jewelry attires of Russia, Byzantium, Volga Bulgaria and Scandinavia to let see the originality of the Old Russian goldwork that is presented by the embellishments from the hidden treasures.

The exhibition is supported by Severstal and Nordgold International gold-mining company