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  • A. Ignatiev. Pieta. 1988. Touchstone. 107 х 45 х 52
  • M.Harlamova. Self-Portrait. 1985–1986. Granite, author’s patination. 70 х 24 х 46
  • L.Smorgon. Skateboard. 1991. Granite. 177 х 60 х 77
  • L. Eidlin. Requiem. 1993. Granite. 43 х 25 х 15
06 August - 05 October 2015
St. Michael's Castle

Stone is one of the most ancient sculptural materials. Its plastic and esthetic potential allows it reveal a huge variety of images and forms - from the religious statues and monumental gravestones to the elegant figurines and statuettes. In contrast to wood and bronze. which tend to be used in more applied spheres, the stone may represent the most abstract images and thus express complex philosophical concepts and serve as the best example of the sculpture as a phenomenon.

The exhibition presents the main traces of the evolution of the stone sculpture from the turn of XIX-XX-th centuries to the present day in the work of such sculptors as V. Domogatsky, V. Ignatiev, D. Kaminker, V.Klykov, L.Kolibaba, O.Komov, S.Konenkov, E.Rotanov, K.Simun, L.Smorgon, S.Erzia etc.