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  • Jean-Marc Nattier. Portrait of Peter I. 1717. Oil on canvas. State Hermitage.
  • Johann Gottfried Tannauer. Portrait of the Tsarevich Alexis Petrovich. First half of the 1710’s. Oil on canvas. State Russian Museum.
  • Louis Caravaque. Portrait of the Tsarevna Anne Petrovna and the Tsarevna Elizabeth Petrovna. 1717. Oil on canvas. State Russian Museum.
  • Ivan Nikitin. Peter I on his Death Bed. 1725. Oil on canvas. State Russian Museum.
  • Louis Caravaque. Portrait of Peter I. 1722 (1723?). Oil on canvas. State Russian Museum.
  • Unknown artist. Portrait of Сatherine I with Blackamoor child. Late 1720’s. Oil on canvas. Russian Museum
17 December 2015 - March 2016
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition (in the framework of the "Saga about Romanovs" project) is dedicated to the epoch that was a turning point in the process of forming of the national Modern Age culture and Russian school of painting. The time of Peter the Great's reign saw the peak of the oeuvre of Ivan Nikitin, Andrey Matveev and prominent masters of the "rossika" movement (Georg Gsell, Louis Caravaque, Johann Gottfried Tannauer and others).

The most widespread genre in the Peter the Great's epoch was portrait. Due to the activity of Russian and foreign artists the various and developed iconography of Emperor's family and Peter the Great's companions was worked out. In the following history of the Russian art there was no other period when the portrait could describe the epoch and its heroes with such force and depth without embellishment and idealization.

The exposition will present the masterpieces of Russian art of this epoch (among which are "Peter the Great on his Death Bed" and "Portrait of Baron Stroganov" by I. Nikitin, "Portrait of Anne Petrovna and Elizabeth Petrovna, the Daughters of Peter the Great" by Louis Caravaque) and other works from the collection of the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, State Hermitage, St. Petersburg and Moscow suburban museums and also from foreign museums and private collections.

Title partner of exhibition is Sistema Charitable Foundation