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  • V.Korneev. Still life with Water-melon. 2001. Granite.
  • V.Korneev. Evening Song. 2000.Wood.
  • M.Dronov. Wind. 2012. Bronze.
  • M.Dronov. Tower. 1990. Bronze.
  • M.Dronov. Little Budda. 2010. Bronze.
  • M.Dronov. Master. 2011. Bronze, wood.
12 November - 14 December 2015
Marble Palace

The exhibition in the Russian Museum is not the first joint project of Mikhail Dronov and Victor Korneev - well-known contemporary sculptors from Moscow. Being absolutely independent in their plastiсal interests, working in different stylistic manners they are yet very close in their attitude to art and in the approach to artistic expression of their personal views on life. Sculptural compositions by Mikhail Dronov and Victor Korneev seem to be made with touch of irony that produces the sense of unreality of the visible.

The images by Dronov and Korneev appear as allusions or allegories and convey a certain paradox. In the bizzare heroes of their works reveals itself the hidden logic of contemporary life with its complex system of intercommunications and a permanent necessity of making the choice. Among themes and motifs that are reflected in the art of these artists there are also rare for the sculpture usual things from the daily life executed in different materials. These things may live their own life in the works by Dronov or be united in the still lifes in Korneev's oeuvre. Some common features can also be found in the expressive means that are used in their works: transformation of the bodily proportions (usually towards elongation), high interest to the movement and gesture as the expression of the inner conflict or intense emotions.

Exposition at the Marble palace will present all stages of Dronov and Korneev's art in context of the development of Moscow sculpture at the turn of the XXIst century on the example of their best works. 

The exhibition is supported by Zenit Banking Group; 9/1 Gallery