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03 September - 14 December 2015
Stroganov Palace

The exhibition presents the oeuvre of Andrei Bodrov - the contemporary graphic artist from Saint-Petersburg. The artist's works of various genres and themes including the image of contemporary city, nature, the world of objects that surround us were shown earlier at the artist's personal exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Rybinsk and other cities in Russia and overseas. The exhibition at the State Russian Museum includes around 90 works, mainly landscapes and still lives, drawn during the last decade in such techniques as dry-point, aquatint and etching. The masterly command of these techniques helps Andrei Bodrov to find the right proportion between the exact and the abstract, conventional. The individuality of the artist is easily and naturally revealed in his ability to turn to advantage the expressiveness of the white paper and in artistic nature which helps him to put on it fine crossing strokes and light and delicate or intensive, energetic lines. Andrei Bodrov is highly skilled in directing composition and space of the graphic sheet. It surely helps him to reveal secret emotional and figurative sides of the image in every single motif.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Gallery KHANKHALAEV