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  • From the Letters to Myself series. 2014. Sheet I. Water color, ink, pen on paper. 40x80. Property of the author
  • Woman in Crinoline (White). 2010. Acrylic on canvas. 180x128. Property of the author
  • Wrinkle. 2014. Acrylic on canvas. 90x60. Property of the author
  • Abruption. 2014. 151x120. Acrylic on canvas. Property of the author
04 March - 06 April 2015
Marble Palace

 The retrospective exhibition of the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Zagoskin comprises around 50 paintings and graphical works. The exhibition can be seen as a unique stop-motion of the artist's personal development in the art world for the last several decades - from the period of the author's close interest to the theme of druids (late 1980s) to non-figurative canvases of 2010s.

As a film artist who had taken part in producing more than 20 films, and some science and cartoon films (including his own cartoons), in 1980s A.Zagoskin started to exhibit his paintings and graphical works in Russia, and later, abroad. Despite his collaboration with the Leningrad Art Society whose members followed the principles of non-conformism of 1950-1980s, and relations with such representatives of the Society as A.Zadorin, V.Lukka, V.Mikhailov, N.Sazgin, etc., Zagoskin unlikely was influenced by their oeuvre.

Exceptional role in revealing of the artistic intention is given to the complex symbolism of color and its decorative features, where the exquisite glazing technique creates an effect of gleaming from the inside. Another key element of Zagoskin's artistic manner is the motif of movement, cultivated even in the titles of his work (Movement in Yellow, 2014). This artistic conception is juxtaposed to the motif of stop, which is developed in the image of a mirror, window or in an emotional experiencing of the "inner landscape" (14 graphic works from the Letters to Myself series).

The exhibition is supported by Viacheslav Zarenkov Project "Creative World".