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YOU'RE LOVELY, DEARIE, IN ANY ATTIRE. 18th - to 20th Century Women's Folk Costume of Russia

  • Maiden's Costume. 19th century.  Kargopol District, Olonets Gubernia.
  • Young Woman’s Festive Costume. 1924. Pavlovichi Village, Oryol Gubernia.
  • Female Festive Costume. Mid -19th century.
  • Dress of a Girl Wearing a Band. 19th century. Arkhangelsk  Gubernia.
  • Female Festive Costume. 19th century.  Nizhny Novgorod  Gubernia.
  • Female Festive Costume. Late 18th – early19th century
05 March - 12 May 2014
Benois Wing

The collection of Russian folk costumes in the Russian Museum is the greatest one in Russia. It numbers over 5 000 exhibits. But till nowadays the woman folk costume as the phenomenon of peasant life and outstanding side of city culture hadn't been presented in this museum in the frameworks of special exhibition.

The aim of this exhibition is to present the folk costume as the unique phenomenon of Russian art, where its different layers are reflected: the most conspicuous ones are the echo of pagan Slavonic ideas and the elements of costume of Old Russia that were preserved even in folk costume of the 20th century. In the latter the significant role has also the local art and craft traditions that create and form the unrepeatable outlook of costume of each area in Russia. The costumes from the Russian Museum collection presented in the exposition belonged to the inhabitants of the European Russia - from Far North to Kursk and Voronezh, from Smolensk to Perm. It is mostly the woman costumes, as the men's and children's costumes are presented only by several articles.

The exposition that brings together 50 complexes of holiday costumes (over 400 exhibits) is supplemented with the paintings by D.Levitsky, K.Venig, F.Malyavin and other artists who turned to the depiction of the woman folk costume.

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