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  • G.Myasoedov. The Congratulation of Newly Married Couple in the house of Landowner. 1861. Oil on canvas.
  • Orlovskiy. A Cherkes. 1807.  Pastel on paper.
  • N.Chernetsov. View of Jarolavl. 1860. Oil on canvas.
  • K.Brullov. Portrait of Countess Yulia Samoilova, Retiring from a Ball with her Foster Daughter Amazilia Pacini. 1842. Oil on canvas.
  • A.Tyranov. The studio of Brother Artists Chernetsovs. 1828. Oil on canvas.
26 March - 16 June 2014
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition is devoted to the outstanding phenomenon in the history of Russian culture - the collection of Vasiliy Kokorev (1817-1889) who was the merchant of first guild, commerce counselor and old believer. Passionate patriot, talented and enterprising person with wide nature, Kokorev approved his nickname - "Russian Original Slug". His brilliant collection is marked with a very high level and the wonderful integrality. Kokorev's gallery that was opened at January 1962 worked only till midst of the 1860's when finance difficulties forced the owner to begin the negotiations about the sale of collection. At the same time Kokorev aspired to preserve its entirety. At March 1870 his 156 works of the Russian School of painting had been purchased for the collection of crown prince of the Russian Empire Alexander Alexandrovich (Russian Emperor Alexander the Third). In 1897 at the time of organization of the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander the Third there were given 106 works of art that earlier adorned the collection of Kokorev. Later in the exposition of the Russian Museum another works from his gallery were included. In the 1920-1930's the significant part of this group of this paintings was given to the permanent exhibitions in different museums of USSR, though the bulk of Kokorev's collection was left in the Russian Museum.

This exhibition gives the viewers an opportunity to get acquainted with the general trend of gathering activity of Kokorev, particularly with the true masterpieces of his gallery. The exposition will bring together paintings and sketches for church sketches by Karl Brullov, works by Feodor Alekseev, Pyotr Basin, Alexander Varnek, Alexei Venetsianov, Grigoriy Myasoedov, Alexander Orlovsky, Vasiliy Tropinin, Nikanor Tchernetsov and Grigoriy Tchernetsov, Sylvester Shchedrin and the other Russian artists of the 19th century.

The exhibition is supported by OJSC Lucoil