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29 January - 14 April 2014
Stroganov Palace

Italy is the source of inspiration and fascination for the native inhabitants and foreigners who had visited this treasury of world culture during a very long time. The travelers, particularly Russian artists and scientists had found here not only the antique classic, but also the examples of different epochs and styles of art that contributed to the search of new forms and ways of development of national architecture. In these trips of the second half of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries the compulsive acquirements were the photographs presenting the views of this ancient country. These prints had reflected the tastes and priorities of travelers. Many of them also had made photographs themselves. That is why they choose most characteristic and valuable shots of the landscapes and places of interest. Very much so in the second half of the 19th - beginning of the 20th centuries were completed the private collections of Italian photographs by G.Gagarin, P.Pokryshkin, K.Romanov who were the members of Emperor's Archeology Society.

On the show there are presented about 115 works by the well-known masters of photography (Alinari brothers, D.Brodgi, K. Brodgi, G.Incorpora, K. Naya, G.Bruno, E. Van Lint, P.Dovitsielli), unknown professionals of this view of art and also by foreign artists who regarded Italy as their second native land (G.Anderson, D.Anderson, G.Sommer, A.Noak). The photographers who were charmed by the Beauty and Harmony of Italy had printed its numerous images depending on inquires of specialists and public and so made their contribution in the popularization of Italy.

The compellation to the glamorous and magnificent images of the country of "great inspirations" and to the history, art and culture of this land is especially urgent in the Year of Tourism between Russia and Italy.