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  • Richard Vasmi. Landscape With a Car. 1960. Oil on canvas. 36 х 36
  • Leonid Borisov. Summer. 2011 Acrylic on canvas. 85 х 70
  • Boris Smelov. The Flood. 1983 Black and white photograph. 40 х 50
  • Valentin Afanasyev. Singer. 1982 Oil on fibreboard. 81 х 70
  • Alexander Rapoport. Factory. 1963 Oil on cardboard mounted on fibreboard. 67 х 120
  • Evgeny Rukhin. Untitled (Landscape). Late 1960s Oil on cardboard. 33 х 48
26 November 2014 - 11 January 2015
Marble Palace

The exhibition is devoted to the 25th anniversary of the «Pushkinskaya -10» Art Center and the 40th anniversary of the exhibition held at the House of Culture named after I.I.Gaz (1974) that has shown the art that existed along with the official art in Leningrad. The «Pushkinskaya -10» Art Center is both cultural environment and experimental laboratory that encourage people to form their own view on life and develops the ability to stand for ones views not only in creative but also social environment. Currently the Art Center has about forty private art studios of the artists and musicians, six galleries following different directions in art, as well as two musical clubs, producer center and the Museum of Non-Conformist Art.

The exhibition takes place in the Marble Palace and consists of two parts. The retrospective part is dedicated to the participants of the exhibition at the House of Culture named after I.I. Gaz, and comprises the works from the Museum of Non-Conformist Art. The museum has examples of «non-official» art dated from 1956 untill today in its collection, and the Archive where all these works are collected and preserved. The Museum of Non-Conformist Art is a kind of a bridge between pre-revolutionary Saint-Petersburg and the Saint-Petersburg of today, between the Russian Avant-garde of the first quarter of the XXth century and the Avant-gardeof the third millennium. The exhibition at the State Russian Museum shows the works of such representatives of the non-official culture of Leningrad as A.Arefyev, A.Basin, A.Belkin, V.Viderman, V.Gavrilchik, Y.Zharkikh, G.Zubkov, V.Rokhlin, E.Rukhin, N.Sazhin, G.Ustygov, V.Shagin, and others.

The main section of the exhibition shows the works from the «Pushkinskaya -10» squat of different periods of time. This section includes paintings, graphical works, objects and installations by such artists as L.Borisov, V.Voinov, V.Gerasimenko, B.Grebenshchikov, V.Dukhovlinov, N. Zhilina, S.Kovalsky, B.Koshelokhov, Y.Nikiforov, T.Novikov, I.Orlov, A.Podobed, Y.Rybakov, E.Figurina, R.Shalamberidze and many other artists. About hundred works represent various tendencies of the development of art in Leningrad-Saint-Petersburg within the period of fifty years.

The museum organizes art performances dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Art Center, talks with its artists and musicians on 27 November and 4, 11, 18 December during working hours of the exhibition.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the Committee of Culture of Saint-Petersburg, the Museum of Non-Conformist Art and the Free Culture Society