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  • Adelaida Pologova. Alexander Pushkin. 1990’s. Paper, wooden frame.
  • Antonina Fathullina (Drobjashchenko). Silence or Big Trees. 2012. Cardboard.
  • Valery Orlov. From the Remembrances-1966 series. 2005. Author’s paper.
  • Viktor Grachev. Touch. 2007. Cardboard.
  • Dmitry Kaminker. Soldier-fundamentalist, Killing the Ballerinas of Bolshoi Theater. 2012. Cardboard, tempera.
  • Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov. Object. 2000’s. Paper, wood.
  • Elena Preis. Two. 2005. Paper.
  • Elena Surovtseva. Head in Red. 2006.
  • Oleg Kudryashov. Island. 2007-2013. Dry point, paper, watercolors, gouache
  • Andrei Lyublinsky, Maria Zaborovskaya. Collective Action. 2013.
18 June - 01 September 2014
Marble Palace

The new exhibition of the Russian Museum will bring together over 100 sculptural works created from paper. Among 60 participants of exhibition are the sculptors, painters, graphics and designers from St. Petersburg and Moscow. They are working in different trends and techniques, but they are united by use of paper as the basic material for artistic work. One of them prefer to work with pure list of whatman, the other - with newspaper or cardboard and uses the means of collage, papier-mache and different colour decisions. The special interest gains the objects executed in the technique of "author's paper" that is prepared by artist and has different effects of facture. The content of exhibition is the overcoming of two-dimensional surface of paper and transformation of the latter in the sculptural volume. In comparison with another traditional materials- metal or stone, the paper for the sculptor is easier to work with. That gives the author an opportunity to convey the immediate impressions and to present the imperceptible images and ideas. The motifs and subjects for these works are suggested for the author by the material itself - by paper that has its history and secrets.

With the financial support of OJSC Severstal