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  • Trip II. 2002. Author's paper, many- layer casting.
  • Composition III. From the “Unfinished Party” Series. 2010. Author's paper, watercolor.
  • Island. 2014. Author's paper, watercolor.
  • Stable. 2013. Author's paper, mixed technique, collage.
  • Time. 2011. Author's paper, watercolor.
07 August - 15 September 2014
Marble Palace

The exhibition presents works of Latif Kazbekov - famous contemporary artist from St. Petersburg. Among objects on display are watercolors and graphic works in the author's mixed media, performed by Kazbekov in different years.

Works of Latif Kazbekov combine grotesque sharpness with lyricism and special precision of performance which approaches photographic technique with poetic synthesis and increased conventionality, sometimes resulting in pure abstraction. The artist also organically integrates in his graphic works animalistic and anthropomorphic motifs, fiction and real life observation, subtlety of coloristic solutions and excessive tension of forms. Each piece of Kazbekov's art demonstrates high culture of performance, obtained during the years of studying at the graphic art department in Leningrad Academy of Arts and augmented by creative experiments in the manner of the leading masters of the twentieth-century modernism.

With the support of the "Free Artists of St.Petersburg" project