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  • Hagar with Her Infant Son Ishmael in the Wilderness. 1784– 1785. Oil on canvas. 149,5 х 109. State Russian Museum.
  • Testing the Strength of Jan Usmar. 1795–1797. Oil on canvas. 283 х 404. State Russian Museum.
  • The Taking of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. 1800. Oil on canvas. 510 х 380.State Russian Museum.
  • Portrait of a Merchant. 1790’s. Oil on canvas. State R.ussian Museum.
  • The Archangel Gabriel. Between 1806 and 1811. Oil on cardboard. 298 х 126. State Russian Museum.
29 October 2014 - 13 April 2015
St Michael's Castle

The exhibition is timed to the 250-th birthday anniversary of the outstanding Russian artist Grigory Ugryumov (1764-1823). The artist's painting «Testing the Strength of Jan Usmar» has become a significant fact in the history of the Russian art at the turn of the XVIII- XIX centuries. Not only was he one of the most prominent artists of his time but also the head of the historical painting class - one of the most important in the academic system. Ugryumov used to teach at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Such prominent Russian artists of the XIXth century as A.I.Ivanov, A.E.Egorov, V.K.Shebuyev were among Ugryumov's students.

Grigory Ugryumov chose historical, biblical and mythological subjects for his paintings and also painted portraits. Many of his paintings have become the most valuable works of the Russian art. The exhibition consists of oil paintings and graphical works from the collection of the Russian Museum and collections from other museums. The exhibition allows one to see the whole and objective picture of the artist's oeuvre and his era.

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