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  • Movie Director Sergey Paradganov. 2011. Bronze. 90х60х28
  • Actress Natalia Andreichenko. 2011. Bronze. 35х17х25
  • Movie Director Luis Gasia Berlanga. 2009. Bronze. 108х38х45
  • Writer Paulo Koelio. 2006. Bronze. 48х21х25
  • Actor Innokentiy Smoktunovsky. 1992. Bronze. 41х20х28
  • Dandelion – a Symbol of Kindness (Tallinn, Estonia). 2007. Bronze.
17 September - 20 October 2014
Stroganov Palace

The new exhibition presents works of art of the modern Russian sculptor Gregory Pototsky, who has obtained recognition in Russia and abroad. He has had solo exhibitions in different cities of Russia and also in Germany, France, the United States, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, Japan, Malaysia, Moldova, Macedonia, Latvia, Greece, Estonia, Serbia and the Philippines, where his sculptures, memorials and commemorative plaques are installed. Pototsky is the founder and president of the International Academy of Kindness, which runs "In Russia with Kindness, from Russia with kindness", a major charity programme. He has also been honored many times, including the order of Honored Citizen of Russia. Several films are dedicated to him, among which are The Magician from Old Art, Mission Peacemaker, New Pygmalion, Art that Changes Lives and the World of Gregory Pototsky. He has also been the subject of television programmes, dozens of articles and several catalogues have been published, as well as the biography Artistic Reproduction of the Soul.

Sculptures of Pototsky, presented on the exhibition, reveal his talent of combining traditions of Russian academic art, French impressionism and artistic inventions of Antoine Bourdelle. In his portraits of prominent contemporaries (poet Andrei Voznesensky, writer Paulo Coelho, couturier Pierre Cardin, filmmaker Emir Kusturica etc.) Pototsky develops the ideas of Alberto Giacometti and other sculptural modernism masters of the XX centuries and creates expressive individual images. His artistic style is characterized by the love for expressive modelling and texture intensification. In some of his works the artist tends to the utmost simplification of the form, approaching pure abstractionist vision.