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  • Voille Jean Louis. Portrait of the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich. 1771. Oil on canvas.
  • Unknown artist. Portrait of the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich. 1770. Oil on canvas.
  • Fyodor Rokotov. Portrait of the Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich in Childhood. 1761. Oil on canvas.
24 December 2014 - 10 May 2015
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition «Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich» is devoted to the Emperor Pavel I's childhood and adolescence. The exhibition is held in St.Michael's Castle - the Emperor's favorite place where, by irony, he was killed by the conspirators on the night between March 11 and March 12, 1801.

All the biographical materials about the Grand Duke for the special exhibition that is planned as the part of a large project «The Romanovs Family Saga» were collected for the first time. The exhibition shows portraits of Pavel Petrovich and the members of his family, narrative and allegorical genre paintings that tell stories about the life of the Grand Duke, and also graphical works, miniatures, applied art and everyday objects of that period in history from the collection of the Russian Museum and other collections. These materials allow us to present the subject of the exhibition in the most comprehensive way, and let visitors reconsider the prejudiced appraisement in relation to the personality of the Grand Duke.

The Russian museum is grateful to the State Hermitage, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Gatchina State Museum Reserve, the Peterhoff State Museum Reserve, The Pavlovsk State Museum Reserve, the museums of the Kremlin, the State Russian Historical Archive and the Russian National Library for the exhibits to display. Special thanks to private collectors Y.Abramov, P.Novbari, S. Podstanitsky, T.Podstanitsky, V.Tzarenkov and others, who agreed to take part in the exhibition and gave the objects of everyday life from Pavel's epoch from their collections.