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  • Portrait of E.H. 1981  Tempera and lacquer on canvas mounted on cardboard. 70 х 55
  • Winter Evening. 2003  Tempera on canvas. 2003. 55 х 130
  • Portrait of V.Zubravskaya. 1982. Tempera and lacquer on canvas mounted on cardboard. 102 х 60
  • Nude in front of the Mirror. 1974  Tempera and lacquer on canvas. 70 х 55
  • Landscape. 2003  Tempera and oil on canvas. 90 x 120
21 May - 16 June 2014
Marble Palace

The exhibition is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Gennady Myznikov - one of the most prominent artists of Moscow, member-correspondent of Russian Academy of arts and owner of the "People's Artist of the Russian Federation" honorary title. The exhibition brings together portraits, still lifes and narrative scenes, performed by the painter from 1960-s to 2010-s. Works by Gennady Myznikov, representative of the "Sixtiers" generation, are marked by the interest to the aesthetics of Russian folklore and provincial life, and, on the other hand - to the traditions of Western European classic art, mainly to the early Renaissance. The organic mixture of artistic traditions is reflected in the nature of the emphasized plastic rendering of monumental historical and religious subjects or portraits. The author reveals the greatness of man and nature in a solemn and festive way, where admiration of the colorful diversity of the world is tinted with the subtle sense of humor, and the most mundane subjects, by contrast, show profound spiritual content.

The exhibition is organized with the support of the State Museum and Exhibition Centre ROSIZO; Institute of Russian realistic art; the Luxembourg-Russia Art Partnership A.S.B.L.