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  • Fyodor Tolstoi. Family Portrait. 1830. Oil on canvas.
  • A.Korzukhin. Granny’s Holiday. 1893. Oil on canvas.
  • P.Konchalovsky. A Family Portrait (Against the Background of a Chinese Panel). 1911. Oil on canvas.
  • A.Ryabushkin. Merchant and His Family in the 17th Century. Oil on canvas. 143 x 213
  • A.Mylnikov. Sisters. 1967. Oil on canvas.
  • P.Drozhdin. Portrait of the Artist Alexei Antropov with his Son in front of a   Portrait of His Wife. 1776. Oil on canvas. 84 х 70,5
13 August - 27 October 2014
Benois Wing

The exhibition includes over 200 paintings, graphic works and sculptures from the Russian Museum collection, private collections and artists' studios. The current trends of creating a family portrait in Russian art are presented by a variety of examples from the early pieces of painting and graphic art of 18th century to the portrait and thematic painting of the second half of 19th - early 20th centuries. This palette of images reveals different sides of Russian family life with its traditions, habits and everyday concerns. The great section devoted to the family portrait of Soviet time includes works by N.Andronov, F.Bogorodsky, D.Zhilinsky, E.Moiseenko, A.Mylnikov and other artists. Special place in the exposition is given to works, united by the motif of artist in the circle of his family. The actual social and critical aspect is revealed in the installation of contemporary St. Petersburg "Witchcraft Artists" project. Another subject of interest is a set of archive family photographs and a media installation created on basis of photography materials given to the Russian Museum by the citizens of St.Petersburg.

The exhibition is supported by Magnezit Group