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  • Zagorsk. 1978 Oil on canvas. 91 x 150
  • Gagarin Prospect. 1978 Oil on cardboard. 60 x 100
  • Lilies of the Shegra River. 1957 Oil on cardboard. 40 x 50
  • Marigold. 1974 Oil on canvas. 63 x 53
  • Holiday on the Neva (study). 1969 Oil on cardboard. 18 x 30
  • The Dnieper. 1972 Watercolour on paper. 57 x 72 Collection of the artist’s family, Germany
05 November - 01 December 2014
St. Michael's Castle

The exhibition comprises the works of Dmitry Shuvalov, the Honoured Artist of Russia and prominent professor of Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry (Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy of Alexander von Stieglitz). In 1959 Shuvalov graduated from Leningrad Academy of Arts, where he was a pupil of Evsey Moiseenko, and starting from 1963 he developed from a teacher to professor in Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Industry. Many Shuvalov's students have become accomplished specialists in various spheres of art and are now working in different cities of Russia.

The painting and graphic works on display represent his main artistic preferences. They are always harmonious and musical whatever the subjects are, among which his favorites are lyrical views of the Northern nature, images of ancient Russian cities and "soft-spoken" places of Leningrad. Shuvalov's graphic works, performed in various techniques such as watercolour, gouache or graphite pencil are usually very close to his painting: here there is a vibrant pulsation of color, a lightness and plasticity that creates the impression of particularly "voluminous space". Exquisite artistic freedom and subtle feeling of light and colour reveal the traditions of French impressionism and landscapes of Leningrad school of 1920-1940-s. Shuvalov is extremely sensitive to encapsulating the essence of places and things, and his oeuvre carries the amazing impression of a sincerity of vision which reflects his poetic perception of the world.